We offer the following types of services:

Accounting and Auditing

We provide a complete range of accounting, auditing and special services to Employee Benefit Plans, with a particular focus on jointly trusteed Taft-Hartley Funds, as well as other non-for-profit organizations. These services include assistance in the application of accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America as well as audits of your plans financial statements as required under the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). We are here to assist in your efforts to produce financial statements that conform with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America regarding accuracy, presentation and disclosure. We supplement our efforts when necessary, with communications offering recommendations on improving operations of the Plan and compliance with Accounting Standards and DOL and IRS Regulations.

Highest Quality Audit Services

While the range of services provided by most accounting firms has expanded significantly, audits continue to be the dominant aspect of our practice. We reject the idea that an audit is a commodity. In the course of carrying out an audit, your accounting firm should generate information and develop insights that will result in improved controls and safeguards leading ultimately to greater efficiencies and clear, concise, and understandable financial reporting that is respected by the financial community. Our professionals combine competence with judgement, maturity, and creativity - all prerequisites for a quality audit.

Administrative Support Services

We provide a wide array of support services to our ERISA Fund Clients including  assistance in complying with the various filing requirements mandated by the Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service and other governmental agencies. We can also assist trustees in understanding and fulfilling their fiduciary obligations with respect to internal controls or checks and balances their Plans need to have, to ensure participants that plan assets are safeguarded and administered in accordance with trustees instructions.

We have extensive experience with jointly trusteed, Taft-Hartley Employee Benefits Plans. This experience permits us to provide a full array of services to your organization in an efficient manner and at a reasonable cost.